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How to Access the Sending Email Accounts?
How to Access the Sending Email Accounts?

An overview into how you can access the sending email accounts module in

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1. Upon successful login, click Email Accounts from the left navigation bar. Doing so takes you to the Email Accounts screen.

2. Here, all sending email accounts are displayed via individual cards.

3. Furthermore, the stats for each sending account are displayed in the card.

4. The number of campaign emails sent in the current date is displayed in blue.

5. The number of warmup emails sent in the past week is displayed in purple with a fire icon.

7. Similarly, number of warmup emails landing in the primary inbox during the past week is displayed in green color with the inbox icon.

8. Next up is the number of warmup emails saved from the spam folder during the past week. This number is displayed in orange with a folder icon.

9. Moving further, the warmup health score is displayed via a health icon in blue.

10. Moreover, the Warmup toggle at the top of the card helps identify whether warmup is enabled or disabled for the email account.

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