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'DKIM Not Found' Error
'DKIM Not Found' Error
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Encountering a 'DKIM Not Found' error in your email campaigns can be a minor roadblock, but it's usually something you can easily overcome. This issue often arises with less common email providers, as's system primarily tests for selectors used by the more popular services. Here's how you can smoothly navigate this:

Adjusting Your DKIM Selector:

Tweaking your DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) selector can be a great first step, particularly if you're working with a niche email provider.

  • For Google/G Suite, switch your selector to 'Google'.

  • Office 365 users should try 'Microsoft', 'selector1', or 'selector2'.

  • In other cases, 'default' usually works well.

When Changing the Selector Isn't Feasible:

Sometimes, your email provider might not permit altering the DKIM selector. In such cases, the 'DKIM Not Found' message may persist. But there's a way to work around this:

Verifying Your DKIM Record:

  1. Locate your DKIM selector. You'll generally find this in your domain provider's DNS settings, often in the hostname section before any dots. For example, Outlook users might see 'selector1'.

  2. Check the record type, which could either be 'CNAME' or 'TXT', depending on your provider.

  3. Utilize a tool like DKIM Lookup. Input your domain and DKIM selector. A successful lookup will reveal your DKIM record, confirming its existence.

Once your DKIM is verified, you can generally ignore the error in However, if you're struggling to confirm your DKIM record or require further assistance, our support team is just a chat away. At, we're dedicated to ensuring your email setup is not only efficient but also secure and fully compliant for your outreach campaigns.

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