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How to Add a Lead to a Campaign?
How to Add a Lead to a Campaign?

Learn how you can add a lead you located to a campaign

Updated over a week ago > Left Navigation Bar > LeadFinder

1. Follow the above-mentioned workflow to land on the LeadFinder screen.

2. Use the parameters under the Filters heading to filter leads as explained in detail in the How to Filter Leads? article.

3. As the filter is applied, the fetched results are populated in a grid on the right side.

4. Select a lead by clicking the checkbox at the start of the row. Multiple selections can be made from here.

5. Moreover, you can select all leads by clicking the checkbox at the top.

6. Once the required selection(s) is made, click the Add to Campaign button. Doing so opens the Add to Campaign popup.

7. Here, use the Select Campaign dropdown to select the campaign you want this lead to be added to.

8. Once the selection is made, click the Add to Campaign button.

Why Are Some Leads Skipped During Import?

When you import leads into your campaigns, some might not get imported. This happens because our system checks each lead’s email for validity. If an email doesn’t pass this check, we skip that lead during import. This way, we ensure that only valid leads get added to your campaign. Importantly, no credits are used for these skipped leads. Your credits will only be used when you successfully import a verified lead into your campaign. This process helps maintain the quality of your leads and the effectiveness of your campaign.

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