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How to View and Manage Campaign Leads?
How to View and Manage Campaign Leads?

Learn how you can view campaign leads and perform various actions on them

Updated over a week ago > Left Navigation Bar > Campaigns > Select Campaign

1. Follow the above-mentioned workflow to land on the Campaign Analytics screen.

2. From the list of tabs displayed on the left, click Leads. Doing so takes you to the campaign leads.

3. Here, stats for all leads for the selected campaign are segregated into Total Leads, Completed Leads, Unsubscribed Leads, and Bounced Leads.

4. Moving further, the details of the leads are listed in the grid with the lead's email address, status, and the lead URL.

5. If you want to filter leads based on a specific status, click the Filter button and choose the status for which you want to view leads.

6. You can also search for a specific lead using the search bar at the right corner above the grid.

7. In case you want to import leads from a .CSV file, click the Import button. Doing so opens your system storage so that you can choose the required file.

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