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How to View and Manage Campaign Schedule?
How to View and Manage Campaign Schedule?

Learn how you can view and manage the schedule for a specific campaign

Updated over a week ago > Left Navigation Bar > Campaigns > Select Campaign

1. Follow the workflow mentioned above to land on the Campaign Analytics screen.

2. From the tabs displayed on the left, click Schedule. Doing so displays schedule for the selected campaign.

3. Here, the schedule indicating when the emails for the selected campaign are sent is displayed. The days on which emails are to be sent are displayed in blue whereas the disabled ones are displayed in white.

4. To edit the schedule, click the gear icon located at the end of the schedule row.

5. As a result, the Configure Schedule tile is displayed allowing you to edit the name of the schedule, select the days on which the emails are sent, define the sender and recipient email address, and a time zone for the emails to be sent.

6. Once the changes are made, click the drive icon to save the changes.

7. To create a new schedule, click the + New Schedule button.

7. From the tile displayed, you can name the schedule and choose the days when the emails are sent the same way as explained for the edit schedule.

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