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How to View & Create Campaign Sequences?
How to View & Create Campaign Sequences?

A detailed look into how you can view and create sequence(s) for a campaign

Updated over a week ago > Left Navigation Bar > Campaigns > Select Campaign

1. Follow the above-mentioned workflow to land on the Campaign Analytics.

2. From the tabs displayed on the left, click Sequences. Doing so takes you to the sequence(s) details for the selected campaign.

3. Here, you can configure automatic emails to be sent in an order by creating each one in the required order. As you land on the Sequence tab, the existing steps are displayed on the right side. However, if no steps exist, you can create them by clicking the + Add step button.

4. This opens the Send Automatic Email popup where a test template is displayed for the email. Use the Subject field to enter the subject of the email.

5. In case you want to include a variable in the subject, click the lightning icon next to the field.

6. If you want to use the AI Writer to draft the subject or the body, enter a description of the email in the Body and click the ChatGPT icon.

7. Once you see the AI writer draft, click the Check button at the bottom to evaluate the stats of the generated text. Doing so displays all the stats under the Email template insights.

8. To optimize the generated text, click the Optimize button.

9. Several action buttons at the bottom of the editor ease the email configuration. They include preview email, Clean HTML, Bold, More Text, Insert Variable, Templates, More Rich, and Code View.

10. Once the required adjustments are made, click the Save button.

11. This creates the step and displays it in the sequence. To delete the step, click the trashcan icon.

12. You can edit the step by clicking the pencil icon.

13. To duplicate the step, click the duplicate icon.

14. When there are multiple steps, you can set the order by dragging a step and placing it where you want it to be in the sequence. However, it is not possible if you are trying to swap a launched campaign step.

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