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How to View Campaign Analytics?
How to View Campaign Analytics?

Learn how you can take a detailed look into campaign analytics

Updated over a week ago > Left Navigation Bar > Campaigns

1. Follow the workflow mentioned above to land on the Campaigns screen.

2. Clicking a campaign takes you to the Analytics for the selected campaign.

3. Here, the analytics for the selected campaign are depicted via a bar chart where multiple colored bars represent the number of emails sent, opened, unique opens, replies, clicks, and unique clicks. The chart maps the dates against the number of emails. Hovering over any point in the chart reveals a tooltip displaying each count for the specific date.

4. By default, the analytics for past 4 weeks are displayed. However, you can use the date range dropdown on the top-left corner to choose a different range.

5. To set a custom date range, click the Custom Range date picker and choose the start and end dates for the analytics.

6. To share the displayed analytics, click the Share button located at the right corner of the chart.

7. Furthermore, the combined stats for the selected campaign are displayed below the chart via individual cards. They include Total Contacted, Total Opened, Total Clicked, Total Replied, and Total Opportunities.

8. Towards the end is a table displaying Step Analytics for the selected campaign. Information is tabulated via various columns that include Step, Sent, Opened, Link Clicked, Replied, and Opportunities. Each column has a count for the respective metric.

9. To access activity history, click the Activity History tab.

10. Here, the activity on the selected campaign during the last 90 days is listed.

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