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How to View and Manage Campaign Configurations?
How to View and Manage Campaign Configurations?

Learn how you can tweak configurations for a specific campaign

Updated over a week ago > Left Navigation Bar > Campaigns > Select Campaign

1. Follow the workflow mentioned above to land on the Campaign Analytics screen.

2. From the tabs listed on the left side, click Configurations. This takes you to the configuration for the selected campaign. The configurations are divided into 4 tabs that include Reply Stops, Tracking, Daily Limit, and Optimized Sending.

3. By default, you land on the Accounts tab. Here, choose the account you want to use from the Accounts to use dropdown. Once selected, click the Launch button.

4. To access the Reply Stops tab, click Reply Stops from the tabs listed at the top.

5. Here, if you want to stop sending emails to a lead after they have replied, enable the Stop emails to a lead after they reply toggle. By default, this feature is enabled.

4. In case you do not want the campaign emails to pause if an automated response is received from the lead, unmark the Pause on Auto-Reply checkbox.


1. To access tracking configurations, click Tracking from the tabs listed atop the screen.

2. In case you want to track opened emails, enable the Track Opened Emails toggle.

3. To track clicked links, enable the Track Clicked Links toggle.

Daily Limit

1. To access daily limit configurations, click Daily Limit tab.

2. Here, use the Daily Max Limit field to define the number of maximum daily emails to be sent for the selected campaign.

Optimized Sending

1. To access optimized sending configurations, click the Optimized Sending tab.

2. In case you want the email(s) to be sent as plain text, mark the Send as plain text, no HTML checkbox.

Once the required configurations are made, click the Save button to save configurations.

In case you want to launch the selected campaign, click the Launch button.

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