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How do the Bulk Settings Work?
How do the Bulk Settings Work?

Learn how you can use the Bulk Settings feature to perform bulk actions on sending email accounts

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Bulk Settings feature allows you to perform bulk actions like delete and configure settings for the sending email accounts. > Left Navigation Bar > Email Accounts

1. Follow the workflow mentioned above to land on the Email Accounts screen.

2. Click the Bulk Settings button.

3. This makes all the sending email accounts selectable with a checkbox displayed at the top-left corner of each card.

4. Moreover, a search box is also displayed atop the email accounts.

5. You can select the email account(s) you want to take actions on by marking the corresponding checkbox(s).

6. In addition, you can click the checkbox in the search bar to select all email accounts.

7. To delete the selected email account(s), click the Delete button.

8. To close the bulk settings feature, click the Exit button.

9. To configure settings for the selected email account(s), click the Bulk Configurations button. Doing so opens the settings pane.

10. Here, you can set the Sender Name for the sending email accounts using the First Name and Last Name fields.

11. Moving further, you can set the limit for maximum campaign emails per day using the Daily Campaign Limit field.

12. Set the minimum wait time when you are using the selected account(s) with multiple campaigns using the Minimum wait time field.

13. Use the Reply To field to enter the email address at which you want to receive replies.

14. Additionally, you can include a custom tracking domain for the selected sending accounts by marking the Custom Tracking Domain checkbox.

15. Next up is the Warmup Settings section. Here, use the Daily Increase field to set the number of warmup emails to increase per day.

16. In case you want to disable slow warmup, mark the Disable slow warm-up checkbox.

17. Set the limit for daily warmup emails to be sent using the Daily Warmup Limit field.

18. Set the percentage for the reply rate using the Reply rate % field.

19. In case you want to be notified when a warmup email gets blocked, enable the Monitor Blacklists toggle.

20. Towards the end is the Warmup Settings | Advanced section. Here, enable the Weekdays Only toggle if you want the warmup emails to be sent only in the weekdays.

21. If you want to emulate human-like reading for your warmup emails, enable the Read Emulation toggle.

22. In case you want to include your custom tracking domain in your warmup emails, enable the Warm Custom Tracking Domain toggle.

24. Set the number of warm up emails to open using the Open Rate bar.

25. Similarly, set the number of your warm up emails to be protected from spam using the Spam Protection bar.

26. Use the Mark Important bar to set the number of your warmup emails to be marked as important.

27. Once the required selections are made, click the Save button.

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