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How to View Blocklist?
How to View Blocklist?

Learn how to view blocklist emails from Settings

Updated over a week ago > Left Navigation Bar > Settings

1. Follow the above-mentioned workflow to land on the Billing & Usage screen.

2. From the tabs displayed atop the screen, click Blocklist. Doing so displays the blocklist.

3. Here, the list of emails placed in the blocklist by default is displayed. To remove an email from the list, mark the corresponding checkbox and click the trashcan icon.

4. To import leads, click the Import button. This opens the Import Leads popup.

5. From here, you can import leads from a .CSV file, by entering manually, or from Google Sheets.

6. To import blocklist leads from Google Sheets, click Google Sheets from the left navigation bar.

7. Here, provide the Google Sheets URL in the Google Sheets Link field.

8. Once this is done, click the Set Block list button.


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