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How to Monitor Your Lead Finder Usage
How to Monitor Your Lead Finder Usage

Learn how to check your lead credits and usage in Success.AI with these easy steps.

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Easy Steps to Check Your Lead Finder Usage

Monitoring your lead credit is important as it enables you to download new leads using the Lead Finder tool or add them to a campaign, provided you have sufficient Active Leads credit.

You can check your lead credit usage in two ways: through the Lead Finder page or the settings page.

Checking Your Lead Credits:

  1. Navigate to the Lead Finder page. Your available lead credit will be displayed in the upper left corner, as shown in the screenshot.

2. You can also view your credits in the settings of your dashboard. Simply go to the settings page and look under the billing section. Scroll down to locate your credits.

The first entry indicates your Active Lead credits, while the last one represents the Lead Finder credits.

For a breakdown of your credit usage, click on “View Leads Usage”.

How to download previously downloaded leads?

You can also view the download summary by clicking on “Lead Finder Downloads Summary”. Here, you can download or view previously downloaded leads.

That's it! Now you can easily keep track of your lead credits. If you ever need a quick check, just follow these steps, and you'll be all set.

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