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Why My Campaigns Aren't Sending Emails?
Why My Campaigns Aren't Sending Emails?
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Having trouble with emails not being sent from your campaign can be a frustrating hurdle. To get to the bottom of this issue, let's explore some common reasons and solutions:

1. Schedule Confirmation:

  • Timing is Key: Double-check the schedule of your campaign. If the timing isn't precise or the schedule is missing, this could lead to delays in your email dispatch.

  • Reset Reminder: Remember, the sending limits reset at midnight according to the time zone set in your campaign's schedule.

2. Sending Limits Check:

  • Limit Settings: Under the 'campaign>configuration' tab, make sure your campaign's sending limit is correctly established.

  • Email limit over-riding the Campaign limit: Make sure your email daily sending limit is not over-riding the campaign daily limit. For example. if your campaign daily limit is set to 100 and you only have one sender account and that sender account limit is set to 30 emails per day then the email account limit will override the campaign limit i.e. the campaign will only send 30 emails per day. What's the solution? You should add more sender accounts for scaling your campaigns.

3. Account Connection Assurance:

  • Connection Verification: Confirm that all email accounts used for sending are properly added and connected to your campaign.

  • Error Resolution: Address any 'Reconnect your account/Disconnected/Paused' errors promptly to ensure a consistent email flow.

  • Limit Reset Info: It's important to note that account sending limits reset at midnight UTC.

4. Analytical Review:

  • Insightful Analytics: Visit the analytics section of your campaign for insights into potential email-sending issues.

  • Status Alerts: Keep an eye out for any notifications related to your campaign's status that could clarify why emails aren't being sent.

Need More Help? If these steps don't rectify your concerns, or if you need additional support, our live chat team at is always ready to assist. Just share your campaign URL and describe the specific issue you're encountering. We're committed to ensuring your email campaigns operate seamlessly and efficiently.

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