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How to Access the Campaigns Module?
How to Access the Campaigns Module?

Learn how you can access the Campaigns module upon successful login

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1. Once logged in, click the Campaigns button from the left navigation bar. This takes you to the Campaigns module.

2. Here, each created campaign is displayed via an individual tile.

3. The status of each campaign is displayed at the top-right corner of each tile.

4. The stats for the campaign are displayed at the bottom. They include a count of total emails sent, total emails opened, and total emails replied. Hovering over each icon displays the corresponding tooltip respectively.

5. Clicking a campaign takes you to the selected campaign's analytics.

6. By default, the campaigns are sorted based on the creation date. However, you can use the sorting icon at the top-left corner to sort the records on the basis of their name.

7. Moreover, you can use the search bar next to the Filter button to search for a specific campaign.

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